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12-24-03  Bob, We are very pleased with the model of our sons stock car. You really are very good at what you do and we were very impressed with all the detail. It looks just like his race car. You do outstanding work and so nice of you to keep us informed with the progress while doing the model. We highly recommend anyone who wants a model done of their race car your the man to do it. Thanks again and am sure we will have you do his 2004 stock car.

John & Patty Flander  #12 stock car Eric Flander

12-27-03 Thanks for putting the pics on your web page - we thought that was pretty special.  I really do want you to know that through all our trouble - you are a top notch guy!  Your hard work, determination to make it perfect, and your professionalism is something you should be proud of.  You have earned my respect.  I can't believe how identical it is.  Keep up the good work,  but be prepared to do the 2004 car!! 
Leslie Kinsley

12-29-03 Man what a neat model of my stock car. Its so cool and awesome. Can't believe how it looks just like it.  Thanks Eric Flander