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Information and History...

Bob's Custom Race Models is a one man operation. Replicas are built as quickly as  possible, without causing problems in the building process. These cars are built about 70% by hand. I do most the work myself, however, I do have to send off for the Custom Casting Services, done by a well respected friend. The front clip is the ONLY cast part of the entire frame that is Custom Cast. All the rest is done by hand. This can take quite a lot of time to achieve the right look. Every body panel is 100 % Hand Made, I have found it is cheaper to do it this way, and well......if it was cast it would take all the fun out of building it myself.
  These are no kits that I am simply assembling. These are built 100% in-house, with the exception of the custom Casting Services. Each modified replica begins as a pile of sheet plastic, Styrene rod, and Styrene tube. Because of the way they are built, it is quite difficult to give a close estimate as to how long a car will take to build. However, if all goes as planned, the model should take no longer than one month for completion. If a problem does arise, I will email you or call you with the problem.

I have also changed my decal source. In the beginning, the decals were made of Vinyl, thus leaving a edge to the decals, and also, the person that did them, didn't seem fit to do them the way they should have been done, no matter how many time I took them back. Now, the decals are high quality waterslide decals, just like the Decals that would come with a Model Kit. I also have to send for these, as I do not have the equipment to do my own.

Please remember that these are NOT die-cast cars. I do not have manufacturers pumping a lot of money into these projects, and really, there is know way to mass produce them, unless there is a way to talk a Model Manufacturer into doing this. They have been asked.......the response? They are not popular enough!  This is one reason the price is what it is. If I can find a way to lower it, I will. I am often asked if I give discounts for quantity ordered. The answer is yes. You need not expect to pay full price for say 3-4 cars ordered. If your interested in having more than one built.....Email me, and we can talk. I do plan to lower the prices if I can, If I can't, the price will stay the same. If the price goes up, well then I guess I just lay down the tools.

I hope this helps you better understand everything. If you have any questions. Please feel free to contact me.