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50% Deposit Required On ALL Orders



Modified $135.00
Stock Car and Hobby Stock $110.00
Enclosed Trailer $80.00
Open Trailer $55.00
Aluminum Distributor W/Plug Wires $10.00
Aluminum Breather Caps( 2 per car) $3.00
Aluminum Air Cleaner

Aluminum Ignition Coil $3.00
Aluminum Steering Shaft $5.00
Aluminum Engine Pulley's W/Rubber Belts

Accel Racing Coil $6.00
MSD Ignition Box $2.00
Battery w/all Hardware (Clamps, Wires, Etc.) $5.00
Racing Harness w/Hardware

Plastic Distributor w/wires $7.00
All fuel lines, accessories wires, etc $3.50
Price Subject To Change depending on the detail of the paint scheme. Add a additional $10.00 for chrome on ALL replica's.
BeadLocks Standard on all Modified and Stock Car Replica's!

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